Teams Chat Assist

de Modality Systems

Chat-based contact centre for Microsoft Teams

Teams Chat Assist lets users ask in-house experts for help when they don't know who to approach. Experts can be set up as agents, and the Teams bot routes users' questions intelligently to all agents, providing help instantly. Embracing the principles of modern work and productive collaboration, Teams Chat Assist greatly reduces time to answer questions and solve issues

Essential Details
Teams Chat Assist features full reporting, chat transcripts, and the ability for managers to review a conversation in real time, so they can jump in to help if assistance is needed.
Agents using Teams Chat Assist can use quick response buttons and templated answers for maximum efficiency, and will only be alerted to an incoming question if they've logged in - so there's no chance of questions sitting unanswered.
Teams Chat Assist sits in the sidebar of Teams, making it easy for users to ask questions without disturbing the flow of their work or having to keep an eye on another window.
Teams Chat Assist bots can be branded with your company name and logo, for a familiar feel.

Usage Scenarios
Use cases for Teams Chat Assist include:
- Onboarding new starters; help with systems, submitting expenses, finding pricing or legal info
- Rolling out new software - quicker issue resolution than using generic training materials
- Supporting front line workers with query escalation, in real time

Choose one or multiple instances of Teams Chat Assist to support the needs of your users and customers, with the backup of report data for analysis and identifying trending questions, plus chat transcripts for compliance and auditing purposes.

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