Azure MLOps: DevOPS for Machine Learning

Pactera Technologies Inc.

Scale your MLOps Pipeline with Pactera EDGE

Transform your AI and ML model deployment process to match institutional demand.  With the Pactera EDGE MLOps solution, your organization can speed up the deployment release cycle of your AI applications and create more agile collaboration between ML Engineers and IT Teams.

  • Increase the scale and velocity of your AI and ML model deployment through automated processes for ML model training, validation and registration.  
  • Create better collaboration and version control between ML Engineers and MLOps Engineers through a shared platform. 
  • Dynamically scale your infrastructure for times of high demand.  
  • Measure data sanity through routine checks.  
  • Monitor your ML model performance and ML model drift analysis through automation. 
  • Keep your ML models secure through multifactor authentication.

About Pactera EDGE

With a core focus on Data, Intelligence and User Experiences, Pactera EDGE offers customized end-end solutions for our clients to drive relevance, revenue, and growth.  To bring true transformational change and help our clients thrive in the rapidly changing world of emerging technologies and customer expectations, Pactera EDGE combines our capabilities in engineering, data science, globalization and experience design to create next generation solutions that help businesses disrupt their industry and reach new customers in the global marketplace.

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