Fata Morgana Benchmark

Pocket Virtuality a. s.

Performance test of Fata Morgana engine, the benchmark is testing mostly the graphical system & GPU

Simple benchmarking for the graphical subsystem of a HoloLens, Fata Morgana rendering engine, and the GPU.
It provides many typical hologram scenarios:
- industry 3D scenes
- environment mapped by HL (triangle meshes with textures)
- synthetic triangle meshes
- point clouds with colors
- physical and behavioral simulations
It tests both minimal GPU pipeline (vertex and pixel shader only) and more complicated ones (geometry shader generating little objects for simulation visualization).
Benchmark is intended for:
- engine developers for HoloLens
- potential customers of the HoloLens solutions
- particularly for those interested in our Fata Morgana system
- HoloLens 1 or HoloLens 2 device
- 130MB of disk space on the device
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