Authentication Services


Extend the authentication, authorization and administration infrastructure of AD to Unix/Linux

Authentication Services provides enterprise-wide access, authentication and authorization for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X systems by using an organization’s existing Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. Authentication Services’ patented technology allows non-Windows resources to become part of the AD trusted realm, and extends AD’s security, compliance and authentication capabilities to UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X. By using this Active Directory integration software you can:

  • Eliminate complexity by allowing UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X systems to participate as “full citizens” in Active Directory 
  • Consolidate the administration of AD-enabled systems and AD Bridge 
  • Aides your migration to Azure by allowing your Linux servers to use Azure Active Directory Domain Services for authentication
  • Deliver strong authentication as part of the AD bridge solution 
  • Provide centralized authentication and single sign-on 
  • Facilitate the migration of all systems and users to a single Active Directory-based infrastructure 
  • Simplify security and compliance

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