ResultsBI Strategic Plan


Strategic planning simplified. A wizard guides you. Coaching videos make you an expert

Businesses without a Strategic Plan fail. Businesses that live by their Strategic Plan succeed. This is the most direct path to a focused, success-oriented team — for $1 a day. 14 day FREE Trial. 
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Few things can put a business leader in a better position than really laying out a solid plan for success.  Of course, ResultsBI’s entire mission is to help you do exactly that, includes;

  • 15-Section Strategic Plan

  • Over 5 hours of professional coaching videos. 

  • Meetings Interface & History

  • Watercooler  Company Message Board

  • Key Performance Indicators Dashboards 

  • Power BI compatibility

  • Tasks assignment and tracking

  • Access for up to 10 users (the cost for 10 users is $1 a day)


Powerful Results

  • More Time — Strategic execution frees you to work ON your business instead of IN it.

  • Mental Health — Less chaos. Managing with a Strategic Plan makes you a more effective leader, which makes you healthier and happier.

  • New Opportunities — The Results BI Strategic Plan helps you identify new opportunities, and it helps create the time and energy to seize them.

  • Better Culture — Share your Strategic Plan with everyone, and they will understand why their job matters, which improves their buy-in and commitment.

  • Better Decisions — When everyone “gets” your Strategic Plan, they make better decisions. They know how to contribute to your business’s success and to your customer’s delight.

  • Better Teamwork — Use your Strategic Plan to make each person understand why their job matters—and why everyone else’s job matters, too.

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