ADP to Active Directory or Azure AD Integration

de RoboMQ

Integrate ADP to AD to automate employee onboarding, and role-based access and resource provisioning

Are your SysAdmins burdened with and struggling to timely manage:

  • Onboarding, termination, and update of employee identities in Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD?
  • Place employees in the right Organizational Units (OU), Security Groups (SG), and Distribution Lists (DL) based on roles?
  • Assign correct role-based access control privileges to employees?

Are your employees struggling to gain access to applications and systems on their first day? Are there security risks from employees having access for too long after terminations? Do you and your Chief Security officer (CSO) want to implement Privileged Access Management (PAM) and be compliant with regulations and certifications like SOC2, ISO 27001 and HIPPA?

Then RoboMQ’s Hire2Retire employee lifecycle management and identity provisioning system is for you!

Hire2Retire automatically synchronizes between ADP and AD or Azure AD, reflecting employee hires, role changes, and terminations in near real-time. Free your IT team from manually creating AD or Azure AD accounts and granting them privileges, avoid human errors, delays, and security risks, and streamline your employee lifecycle and identity provisioning process to create an exceptional “First Day at Work” experience for employees with Hire2Retire.

Learn how Hire2Retire has helped companies across the world streamline their employee lifecycle management:

Use Hire2Retire to:

  1. Provision, de-provision and update AD or Azure AD accounts to reflect changes in HR profile in near real time.
  1. Assign fine-grained security groups and distribution list memberships based on the employee HR profile to implement strict Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and privileged access to the enterprise systems.
  1. Manage Single Sign-On (SSO) and third-party license provisioning and de-provisioning based on the security group mappings to implement PAM (Privileged Access Management).
  1. Keep your GAL (Global Address List) and orgcharts always current with no ghost employees in there.
  1. Manage sensitive termination and immediate removal of access upon termination to reduce data and security risks and ensure compliance.
  1. Create incidents or execute on-boarding or off-boarding workflows in the ITSM (IT Service Management) application of your choice to allocate computer, equipment, workplace, or other assets or privileges.
  1. Create branded custom email templates which we can set up as part of the employee lifecycle changes and can be sent to your choice of distribution lists, assigned manager or individuals. For example, sending welcoming emails while onboarding.
  1. Push Audit Trails to your Business Intelligence (BI) or Data Warehouse (DWH) - on-prem or on cloud databases or AWS S3. Data can also be sent to Smartsheet, ServiceNow, Jira, or other ITSM of your choice.
  1. Deploy the solution without writing a single piece of code as the integration is already in place—all you need to do is plug in your HCM system and AD or Azure AD accounts along with the mapping rules.
  1. Get world class customer support and commitment to your success with dedicated account manager and customer success manager.
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