Sharecare Health Security Vaccination Platform

de Sharecare

COVID-19 vaccination platform: Vaccine Assistant for consumers, Provider Assistant for Clinicians

Mass vaccination implementation is a complex and challenging endeavor, requiring cooperation throughout all levels of government and critical infrastructure and implementation workflows.

Governments of States and other entities tasked with rolling out COVID-19 inoculation programs face new challenges every day with the evolution of the vaccine development and distribution. To address this situation, Sharecare has created a comprehensive vaccine distribution platform that addresses the healthcare technology infrastructure needs for scheduling, onboarding, tracking and monitoring. 

Sharecare focuses on serving as an end-to-end solution starting with a front-end for eligible recipients' onboarding and engagement before, during and after the vaccination process. In addition, Sharecare's vaccination platform includes a digital provider assistant solution that is used during the clinical encounter, feeding into data exchange services set up (e.g. IIS). This is complemented by a population-data hub for data management, reporting and analytics.

Sharecare built this proprietary platform on top of Microsoft Azure Health Cloud and the Healthcare Chatbot framework that delivers Health Security services to Government and Enterprise clients and their constituents via products such as the Digital Vaccine Assistant and Health Security Facility Verification for various industries. The platform also includes proprietary data dashboard solutions built on top of Microsoft Power Bl.

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