Supremo Sp. z o.o.

Use the chat with the application, to ask questions and search for information!

Supremo FAQ is a personal application that allows you to check current important content and information about Office 365 tools. Is an application that will help you find answers to questions about Microsoft products. Just write a question and in the Teams chat window, and the user will receive several variants of solving a given problem in the form of a text or video link to the instructional video.

After selecting a specific option you will receive a reliable answer along with graphics and a description of the solution to the problem along with tips. In the application you can use the FAQ tab, which contains the Office 365 Education Center. After clicking on the tile, you can read a short description about the application and topics covering frequently asked questions.

This application has the following permissions:
* Receiving messages and data that I send to the bot.
* Ability to send me messages and notifications.
* Access to information from my profile, such as name, email address, company name and preferred language.

Advantages of using the Supremo FAQ:
* Constant access to knowledge for every user of the organization.
* Easily share tips and content with others, so you can improve your work within your project group.
* Always up to date - you know the first about updates and upcoming changes in Office 365 applications.
* Use Blog Office 365 - you'll learn how to effectively use the available solutions in your everyday work.

This application is available in polish, english. 
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