Synergy Indicata: Grant Management Software

de Synergy International Systems

Enabling seamless collaboration between Grant Makers & Grant Seekers for better performance analysis

Powerful, straightforward, and flexible -- Synergy Indicata Grant Management software adapts to your needs: your methodology, your workflow, your toolchain, your reporting needs. It enables organizations to centralize programmatic data in one place and have a single source of truth about their grants. Expedite grant management processes and drive efficiencies with Synergy Grant Management software.

Key Benefits

- Centralize Grant Portfolio Management
- Simplify Application Submission & Streamline Review Process
- Improve Drawdown of Your Funding
- Measure Performance & Track Results

Core Capabilities

Grant Planning

Whether you are hoping to more easily see the results of the funds you allocate, or you just want more streamlined grant management processes between you and your recipients, Synergy Grant management solutions is a great fit. It provides a built-in workflow designer that simplifies grant workflow management and approval processes.

Grant Makers can manage the entire award process, from publishing grant opportunities to evaluating and awarding applications. Grant Seekers, on the other hand, can streamline the grant planning process, including preparing of grant application and submission to Grant Makers.

Grant Execution

Using the Synergy’s Grant Management solution on both ends of the grant management process leads to improved information and time management, better compliance and greater accountability. It helps organizations gain visibility across all grant activities.

Grant Makers can track financial flows, ranging from high-level financial data such as program and project costs to more detailed information related to payment schedules or activity-level costs and expenditures. Grant Seekers can monitor disbursements towards grant implementation and report back to Grant Makers.

Grant Performance Analysis

Synergy Grant Management solution enables organizations to collect and process data on the performance and progress of various grants, and advise all stakeholders on program and grant implementation, using customizable management dashboards, advanced visualizations, and state-of-the-art reporting.

It also allows Grant Makers and Grant Seekers to monitor and evaluate grant performance using key performance indicators or results frameworks. At a higher level Grant Makers can measure their organizational impact by aggregating grantee results and tracking the achievement of portfolio-wide strategic objectives.

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