Telephony; 1 Day Discovery Workshop

de T-Tech

Fully integrated Microsoft Teams and Telephony Unified Comms solution.

An integrated Microsoft Teams and telephone systems to the market. Partnering with best in class voice solutions, we have developed an offering that allows for all the different elements of your business to operate in just one place, with an included unified phone system. This will deliver flexibility, collaboration and ease of management. This means documents, a chat hub, video and voice conferencing, collaboration, and the phone/PBX system, can now all operate out of Microsoft Teams on any device. Those already using Mircosoft 365 won’t have any problems implementing this. Teams is a full application which T-Tech are now using as the front end to our hosted PBX system. It can be used on desktop or mobile and doesn’t require any additional hardware or equipment. Bringing together the functionality of collaborating on documents, voice and video conferencing, and an online chat platform, this solution having the call functionality means moving away from the traditional office desk phones. This special technology allows for hosting and directing all calls through Microsoft Teams without the worries of maintaining a physical phone system or dealing with a telecoms company.

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