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Prism is a dynamic asset management analytics service driven by Microsoft Power BI, turning your dat

What is PRISM?

Prism is a dynamic asset management analytics service driven by Microsoft Power BI. Prism takes information from numerous data sources such as Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager or in-house systems and creates detailed dashboards that are relevant to your organisation’s requirements. Prism goes beyond the standard analytics reporting and services which usually only provide simple overviews. Prism takes data and turns it into meaningful information that supports business decisions, proactively answers questions and promotes opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies within your IT estate.

PRISM Features:

Data Visibility
    • Hidden data such as items with Snow Inventory becomes visible
    • Allows Trustmarque to make viable suggestions to you based on their data Strategy planning
Strategy Planning
    • Promotes greater collaboration between your organisation and Trustmarque allowing us to have a more effective partnership when planning an IT strategy based on software and hardware
    • More accurate cost forecasting by assisting in identifying capital spend
Asset Management
    • Utilise your existing data to enhance asset management best practice
    • Identify cost savings through licensing re-havesting
    • Cataloguing assets of a particular specification

PRISM Benefits:

Using the Prism dashboards, your organisation can access highly targeted and relevant information from your own data to provide insight into business challenges and support the development of business plans and strategies.
Prism is designed to benefit multiple roles within your IT department and will provide active intelligence to all users of the system, for example:
    • A strategic planning for a software migration, such as a Windows 10 migration progress, to the IT director
    • Reviewing ways to optimise licensing at an engineer or DBA level
Prism provides this information in a way that is easier for people across your organisation to understand without the need to interpret inventory data available in platforms such as Snow.
Utilising the dashboards provides data driven evidence that promotes ITAM strategy within the business, for example software and hardware refresh lifecycles, or information on current policies and procedures.
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