ORI for Revenue Acceleration

de Unlax Consumer Solutions Pvt Ltd

Exceptional Marketing ROI at speed through conversational AI for online sales and advertising.

ORI delivers exceptional RoAS and Marketing ROI at speed through an AI based deeply personalized, conversational on-line sales and advertising experience.

ORI emulates a 1:1 dialogue between a customer and an effective sales person across languages and digital channels. ORI drives customers down the funnel in a single conversation, from interest to consideration to action, via a single touch point. To do so, it captures unprecedented real-time intelligence on customer preferences for products, brands, competition to deliver communications in real-time for effective positioning.

ORI’’s clients have seen up to 40X conversions vs today’s approaches across industries at speed.

ORI, hosted on Azure and built on key Microsoft products, is easily integrated into client technology stacks. 

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