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Digital recruitment tool

VCV is a platform that makes the hiring process smart and fast with short recorded video resumes and AI-based assessment (auto proctoring, speech to text, AI Competence). Clients can build the whole pre-screening process on VCV and shorten hiring time by asking the applicants to record an asynchronous video interview (a video response to the client’s questions) and watch it anytime after. 
Very time-saving, as 70% of interviews could be finished after 2 minutes on average. Extremely relevant during COVID because this one-side format lets both sides take part in the process of interviewing independently. HR-experts can easily take decisions not spending days on endless zoom calls. Here is a video to see how the platform looks from inside. A focus on large business entities of any industry with 300+ workers. Already experienced in Retail, IT and Telecom, Pharma, FMCG, Education, Banking and Finance, Consulting and many others

This application is available in [English_Russian_Japanese_Spasish]

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