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Securely collaborate and empower investigators to review evidence from anywhere

Securely collaborate and empower investigators to review evidence from anywhere.

Don’t let physical distance and technical tools limit your ability to collaborate and get to the truth quickly. With Magnet REVIEW, you can securely share all digital evidence via a single web-based platform purpose-built for non-technical investigators to easily find what matters most.

Browse evidence by category and artifact type, search file names and documents for specific keywords, or filter evidence by date and time or specific attributes. After finding an item of interest, tag or add a comment that other collaborators can instantly view.

Utilize the processing power of Magnet AXIOM and easily import computer, mobile and cloud evidence into REVIEW with just a few clicks. Import outputs from other third-party digital forensic tools and review all evidence in one REVIEW case file through uniform and consistent reports.

Deploy REVIEW on your Azure cloud infrastructure (customer-hosted) to eliminate travel and shipping related costs by allowing investigators to securely access their case evidence from anywhere.

With REVIEW, you can store data and case work in one centralized storage location to enable effective collaboration, remote work and prevent fragmented copies of data, while maintaining control over who can view and download reports created by other users in the cases you have access to.

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