Power Automate Design 2 Week Proof of Concept


Disrupt legacy processes with hyper automation and lean prototyping, and uplifting into Power Automate to deliver faster time to value for your organization in this 2 Week Proof of Concept.

Power Automate streamlines repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources. Automating manual processes can increase operational efficiency and allow focus on higher-value work.​ Automation with Power Automate reduces the risk of human error in routine tasks. This leads to improved data accuracy, compliance, and overall process reliability. As your business grows, Power Automate scales effortlessly, handling increased workloads consistently. Ensure your processes remain efficient.​ This means boosts in efficiency, error reduction and scalability and consistency for your organization.

The Power Automate Design Sprint 2 Week proof of concept is a fast time to value, 4 step process designed to deliver a functional Proof of Concept that automates a business process within your organization.

This 2 week engagement will include:

  1. Discovery Questionnaire​

Pre-engagement exercise to collate information & discover the as-is and to-be processes to be uplifted into Power Automate workloads.​

  1. Design Session​

Collaborative workshop/s at the beginning to understand the desired outcomes & scope solution to the development timebox.​

  1. Development​

Implement the agreed scope of the lean Power Automate solution in your Microsoft tenant across several days with daily check-ins on progress.​

  1. Showcase & Refinement​

Final day walk-through of the solution. Showcase how it was built and how to use. Slight refinements where required to prepare for production pilot.​

Customers can expect the following outcomes: A real Power Platform solution.​ Understanding of the technology.​ Showcase of good governance.​ Momentum for transformation.​ Use cases for automation.​ Relationship with Velrada.​

Enquire today to see how your business can reap the benefits of Power Automate.

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