Fast Charts

Автор: Gajendra

Fast Charts for SharePoint

Once the Fast chart app is installed, you will have app part added to the Site. Testing steps are documented below. Also Video link can be referred to see the functionality of the app.

Note: App is not supported in IE8 Browser and is not tested on IE11. Chart might not be shown until the Page is saved.

1) Fast chart app provides different types of charts, it uses JQPlot and Google APIs. Charting is done on SharePoint List data. App contains Fully Immersive Page and app part which can be added to pages on Host web.

2) When App part is added to pages of host web and "app part properties" are set like list name, chart type etc. app part shows up the selected type of chart on the page.

3) When the app is loaded in the app web, Full immersive page will give options to choose the lists from host web and draw different types of charts. This is like ad-hoc reporting allows you choose the type of chart that fits well for your list data.

4) App also provides feature to print the chart.

Please follow below steps to test the app:

1. Install the app , during the installation allow permissions.

2. Add an app part to a page in the host site and set the properties of app part.

Required App part Properties:-

i) Source List name - Display name of list which is present in host web. (list name is case sensitive)


ii)Column Name for X Axis ( Column type should be of type string and is case sensitive)

iii)Column Name for Y Axis ( Column type should be of type integer and is case sensitive)

iv)Type of Chart

v) API used to render charts

Optional App part properties:-

i) Width

ii) Height

Once the properties are set and applied. Chart will start showing up on the page.

3) In order to show different chart, select type of chart from app properties.

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