Atos Intelligent Document Processing

Автор: Atos International SAS

Intelligent Document Processing

Atos Intelligent Document processing (IDP) solution has the capabilities of processing documents of wide range - Structured, semi-structured, Handwritten, low resolution, Unstructured and embedded images within documents. Using our solution one can extract the contents of different types of document ( pdf, images, emails etc,) and the extracted values in structured format (JSON, csv, xml) can be integrated with down stream systems.

The key differentiators of Atos solution:

  • Adaptive machine learning based solution to provide best accuracy to specific document type
  • Hybrid architecture with machine learning, domain specific taxonomies and rules provide best-fit solution to specific domain problems

Business Benefits:

  • Upto 80% cost saving against manual processing
  • 80% reduction in processing lead-time
  • Scalable, secure document processing service
  • Minimum capex investment
  • Unified solution for all document processing needs
  • SLA driven automated document processing

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