LMS365 Learning Management Solution for SharePoint and Teams

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Microsoft 365 Certified
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Deliver, manage, and spotlight learning with the Microsoft tools people use every day.

LMS365 is a cloud-based learning management system for modern digital workplaces of all sizes. HR, L&D, and IT teams across industry verticals in 60+ countries globally leverage the platform to streamline compliance, upskilling, and onboarding training.
As a solution that lives inside of Microsoft 365, LMS365 enables users to create and facilitate training on the Microsoft 365 platform through SharePoint, Teams, Viva Learning, and the LMS365 mobile app.
Learners benefit from accessing their learning journey within the environments they know well, and where they already work.
Learning professionals leverage our native integrations to Microsoft 365 services like Power BI, Power Automate, Dynamics, and Azure Active Directory (AAD) to enhance their existing technology, creating intuitive learning experiences that support an organization’s unique requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Get up and running in less than 30 minutes. Our streamlined installation process and access to ready-made course content enables admins to quickly launch their first course.
  • Use our content builder to create your own courses of on-demand learning and instructor-led sessions and add SCORM or AICC content packages for interactive learning.
  • Engage people in the training using our personalized dashboards, leaderboards, certificates, automated notification flows, and social learning.
  • Let people learn right from where they work – in SharePoint, Teams, Viva Learning, their mobile phone, or by accessing scheduled training from their Outlook calendars. No platform training is needed.
  • Streamline compliance, upskilling, and onboarding with course audience targeting, automated reporting, and certification management.
  • Get detailed data on learner and admin activities in the system and keep track of training records to document that employees have completed mandatory training.
  • Rely on our secure handling of data – as a Microsoft 365 certified app, LMS365 reaches the highest level of security and compliance required by Microsoft.

Need assistance in accelerating learning in your organization? Get started easily with our Freemium solution at no cost, or choose between our selection of LMS365 Care Packages to get the level of support that matches your service needs best (care packages for paying customers).

Microsoft Integrations:

  • Azure Active Directory: With full integration to Azure Active Directory (AAD) the LMS365 learning platform syncs with your existing user setup in AAD and provides single sign-on to training. Utilize AAD and Microsoft 365 Groups for easy user management.
  • Microsoft Teams: The LMS365 app for Microsoft Teams delivers the full experience of LMS365 directly in Teams and enables users to find, complete, manage, and keep track of training without leaving the Teams platform.
  • Viva Learning: Bring structured, trackable training from LMS365 into Viva Learning, showing LMS365 courses side by side with other learning content.
  • SharePoint: The full integration with SharePoint enables you to store learning documents in SharePoint and create a rich, browser-based learning experience through the intranet or a training portal in SharePoint.
  • Exchange: LMS365 delivers notifications about relevant learning events in peoples’ mailboxes and scheduled learning sessions are added to people’s Outlook calendar.
  • Office tools: Create custom courses and manage content that leverage Microsoft 365 tools such PowerPoint, Word, Stream, and more.
  • Power BI: Keep track of learners' progress and analyze the effectiveness of your training programs with ready-made Power BI templates.
  • Power App: Build low-code apps for LMS365 that optimize processes and solve business challenges.
  • Power Automate: Create unique flows to automate the training process or use the pre-built LMS365 connectors.
  • Dynamics 365: The OData API allows for easy integration and automation of learner records, certificates and competencies.


  • LMS365 is designed for the Modern SharePoint Framework and requires Microsoft admin permissions for the installation
  • This version of the LMS365 app is not available for US Government Community Cloud (GCC). For more information on how to get LMS365 Government edition for GCC, please contact LMS365 directly.

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