AcuitySpark – Advanced B2B/B2C analytics platform

Автор: Visionet Systems, Inc

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AI powered data analytics platform for digital consumer, retail, merchandizing, finance & marketing

Plug-n-Play digital retail software pre-connected with Dynamics 365 F&O, Dynamics 365 commerce, Salesforce commerce cloud, Magento, BazaarVoice, Shopify, KWI, Google Analytics, and variety of third party services. Activate applied analytics utilizing cloud data platform and artificial intelligence for retail to drive optimal decisions based on intimate knowledge of your customers, products, and operations.

AcuitySpark helps mine actionable insights about consumers and their preferences across omniChannel engagement, enabling:

  • Customer centric sales, marketing, finance and operations
  • Design customer centric promotions and campaigns
  • Offer convenient, responsive, and personalized products and services at the right time
  • Optimize business operations by closing the gap from insights to action

Key Features

AI-driven Customer Insights

  • Customer churn prediction
  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Customer buying propensity 
  • Customer engagement score and propensity

Inventory & fulfillment Optimization

  • Reduce Inventory Costs with accurate forecasts 

  • Align safety stocks and minimize the risk of out of stock / overstocking

  • Optimized order fulfillment to nearest warehouse and routes

Market Basket Analysis

  • Identify products commonly sold together
  • Determine core item frequency/affinity

Sales and Operational Intelligence

  • Channel/location/product performance analysis
  • Sales trends and behavior analysis

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