Power BI Integration: 3-Day Proof of Concept

Anantara Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Create visually appealing, automated dashboards using Microsoft Power BI.

A proof of concept (POC) to showcase deep insights of your sales data to make better business decisions. Our experts will develop the required dashboards and demonstrate the utilization of Power BI and also demonstrate how this POC shall give confidence on your Analytics journey.


Day 1:

  • Assessment of the current process
  • Collection of demo data
  • Finding the schema and its relationships
  • Setup and configuration in a trial environment

Day 2:

  • Finalize data models
  • Development of Dashboard
  • Finalise and clean-up visualisations

Day 3:

  • Demonstrate the Proof of Concept
  • Determine the next step
  • Way forward


  • High-level roadmap for your Analytics Journey and the flexible engagement models
  • Effort estimates for your Power BI objectives

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