Avanade Care 24/7: Virtual Care - Implementation FY23

Avanade, Inc.

Care 24/7 leverages Microsoft cloud to deliver virtual and digital healthcare experiences and insights for patients, members, clinicians and administrators. Integrates w/EMRs and other systems

Care 24/7 leverages M365, Azure and Dynamics to deliver robust virtual and digital healthcare experiences to payors and providers. Care 24/7 is modular so clients can prioritize their immediate needs, get quick wins and implement other parts of Care 24/7 at their desired pace. Care 24/7 includes solutions like Virtual Visits/Telehealth, Care Team Collaboration, Remote Patient Monitoring and Connected Home Health to create pleasing patient and clinician experiences, rich clinician collaboration and insightful AI-assisted care. Care 24/7 helps payors and providers to create better experiences, better care outcomes and better insights to make the best clinical and operational decisions. Care 24/7 integrates with a client's EMR/EHR with read/write capability to stay in synch with and complement the EMR and other systems and to share data sets that improve the EMR as well as overall clinical and operational performance. Care 24/7 is built with accelerators and can be implemented on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare or on standard M365, Azure and Dynamics

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