Data Driven Story Telling using Power BI: 1-Day Assessment

Capgemini Group

Capgemini combines our best-in-class data visualization strategy and delivery capabilities

Data Visualization - from Strategy to KPIs, Self Service and Data driven Story Telling

We work with organizations in helping them create a CoE around Business Intelligence. We increase client’s capability and increase adoption of Business Intelligence products through creative story telling using Data though Power BI. Some of the options are: Actionable KPI Design, Data Discover, Insights Engineering, Rapid Business Intelligence Delivery leveraging Power BI, Power Platform and Power Automate.

Description Our staged and iterative approach allows clients to:  Reduce cost and time, minimize routine/ standard Business Intelligence activities by leveraging reusable frameworks, data models /dictionaries and repeatable Visual Analytics components  Empower teams to become more data driven by incorporating best practice visualization and standards to broaden the usability of outputs encouraging innovation  Empower end users to autonomously generate and access insights promoting self-serve culture  Consistent and high-quality outputs across different business areas, ready to be used in real time.

Key benefits to the client: • Accelerate the clients’ time to value by 40% • Industrialized Trusted & Secure by Design on the Cloud • Modular Architecture design • Modern Platform with optimized TCO • Closest to Cloud Native Services with Data Trust • Latest Data Ops / ML Ops features to ingest insights & deliver value

Assessment & Discover workshop • Evaluate Current Data Estate • Determine target operating model to get the most out of enterprise investment. • Defining data domains and data products within domains where visualization plays a critical role.

Delivery phase • Teaming up to deliver KPIs, Dashboards and Visualization related data products in an iterative manner.

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