Visual Storytelling Dashboard: 1-Wk Implementation

Decisive Data

An intuitive and visually stunning world-class dashboard utilizing Decisive Data's unique Power BI methods to create new digital capabilities for your organization and drive insight for decisions.

This one week custom engagement delivers a Power BI dashboard designed from the ground up, using Decisive Data’s unmatched Power BI capabilities.

What You'll Get

The result: your organization will gain the ability to have every decision informed by data, and drive better outcomes in the process.

How We Do It

Working in tandem with your team, our data visualization experts will ensure your data is presented in a compelling, visually stunning manner. With the best-in-class visualization that Decisive Data provides, Power BI will enable you to more quickly and effectively communicate business priorities across your organization.

In addition to delivering a world-class Power BI dashboard, we’ll help you better understand your underlying data, and through consulting with your data source owners, determine whether you can benefit from additional data preparation and data quality/hygiene.


Day 1

Conduct kick-off call (ideally with executive sponsor, project champion, IT resource, and database administrator) to plan a whiteboarding session and identify the path to success.

Day 2

Develop whiteboard draft to optimize time and create vision.

Days 3 & 4

Develop and deliver functional draft iteration – align wireframe with a functional outcome.

Day 5

Develop and deliver functional final iteration – implement feedback, polish, and introduce. The goal of this final iteration of your dashboard is to capture key insights & drive actionable decisions for your organization and business.


  • Initial planning session
  • Whiteboard wireframe
  • Power BI draft iteration
  • Power BI final iteration
  • Rollout strategy and adoption plan (1-page)

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