Advantage™ Sales: 10-Week Implementation


Advantage™ streamlines how manufacturers sell equipment, aftermarket parts, & service renewals.

Advantage™ is a digital selling solution for manufacturers that provides holistic insights on customers, seller performance, and pipeline in a single, intuitive application. Built on the industry-leading Microsoft platform, Advantage™ delivers industry sales process enhancers that bring manufacturers closer to their customers and channel partners than ever before with a structure that streamlines, accelerates, and advances how manufacturers sell original equipment, aftermarket parts & service, and service renewals. Identifying the right customers, building meaningful relationships, offering them the right product at the right time, and streamlining the entire sales process is at the heart of Advantage™ process and insights.

With industry best practices, advanced analytics, and predictive AI models, Advantage provides rich insights for all key stakeholders in your Sales Organization. --Pipeline Risk and Sufficiency vs. Goal --Win Probability --Suggestions by customer that recommend products & services they are most likely to purchase --Customer buying patterns to address purchase gaps --Deal decomposition by capital equipment sales vs. aftermarket sales with close rate analysis

With a seamlessly integrated experience across Dynamics 365 Sales, Power BI, LinkedIn, and Microsoft 365, Advantage™ enables you to qualify, quote, sell, forecast, and collaborate easily. --Collaborate with teams like Engineering in a seamless experience in Teams with full access to all deal details. --Network and build relationships easily with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, integrated into Dynamics 365. --Manage complex capital equipment sales with the right sales process structure to track multiple stakeholders, identify key actions, and manage win metrics. --Generate, send, and track Quotes seamlessly and quickly to enable high volume aftermarket quoting processes.

Final price determined with customer based on scope.

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