NP Retail Discount Coupons: 4-Hr Workshop


Education in dynamic retail discount coupons.

The purpose of the NP Discount Coupon education is to give the attendants competencies to handle daily operations and offer competitive services through discounts. There are endless opportunities with NP Retail and POS. The built-in NP module for Discount Coupons lets you provide fixed discounts, discount in percentage, discount on certain items related to certain events and much more. This education enables the participants to choose the right tool, using industry best practices, and get the maximum out of it. The Discount Coupon module is part of NaviPartner Retail which builds on top of Dynamics 365 Business Central relying on items.

You will learn to navigate and configure NP Discount Coupons, provide different services through different types of coupons, handle various scenarios for selling and redeeming coupons, validate coupons and to access details on issued coupons. The education will be based on your business needs and you will end the education by having the first coupons ready.

Retail and POS education at its best!


  • Module overview and basic setup.
  • Issuing Discount Coupons.
  • Hands-on setup, building coupons.
  • Daily routines and processes.
  • Opening, closing and expired Discount Coupons.
  • Follow-up / Q&A session.

Additional notes:

  • Recommended for 1-4 attendants.
  • Content can be adjusted upon request.
  • We support education in multiple languages.
    Don´t hesitate to ask if you have special requests.


  • Must have NP Retail application installed or the free demo downloaded.
  • To use time efficiently, we recommend that the items that should be used for Discount Coupons are created prior to the education starting.

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