Data, Analytics & Power BI: 4-Wk Assessment

Smartbridge, LLC

Receive a current and future state vision for your full data, analytics, and business intelligence needs, featuring Power BI.

How does your company’s data, analytics and business intelligence program stack up?

  • Do you have the architecture in place to take advantage of new information?
  • How closely is your data and analytics program aligned with business needs?
  • Do you have established controls and data governance?
  • Do you have the right organization and skills to deliver at the speed of business?
  • Are the right analytical tools and capabilities in place to drive better decisions?
  • Typically 4-weeks (length can vary), this assessment will evaluate your full data and analytics program, with a special eye to Power BI and the rest of the Power Platform.

    Your assessment deliverables may include:

  • Current State Assessment Interviews
  • Current State Challenges
  • BI & Analytics Tools Analysis
  • Current State Data Architecture & Data Flows
  • Gaps & Pain Points with Current Data & Analytics Systems
  • Current State Processes & People
  • Future State Vision & Recommendations
  • Future State Technology & Architecture
  • Organization & People Recommendations
  • Process Recommendations
  • Opportunities for advanced analytics, including AI/ML, to solve vexing business problems
  • Recommendations on how to take advantage of Azure Synapse and Microsoft Fabric
  • Are you looking to standardize on Power BI, but have other tool in place as well? Smartbridge has a broad skillset in leading business intelligence and analytics tools, including Tableau and MicroStrategy.

    Why do you need a Power BI Assessment, or Full Data & Analytics/Business Intelligence Assessment?

    Do you have data quality issues? Is your data secure? Do you have data silos with inconsistent information? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to assess your Power BI and data and analytics current state.

    Smartbridge has worked across multiple industries to deliver assessments that have proven value to our customers. Our consultants have been there and done that! From a major restaurant group to a national construction materials manufacturer, Smartbridge has delivered assessments have insights that resulted in significant improvements in organizational effectiveness and cost efficiency.

    Pricing & Scope

    Pricing is an estimate based off a standard 4-week assessment. Pricing and timeframe can change based on the agreed scope of delivery.

    Smartbridge is an experienced Microsoft partner with subject matter experts in app development (Power Apps) and Robotic Process Automation (Power Automate), in addition to our data & analytics services. We are happy to adapt the assessment to accommodate your unique set of digital transformation priorities.

    Looking for a simple assessment? Request our Free Power BI 2-Hour Health Check call from our other listing in AppSource.

    About Smartbridge

    Smartbridge is a Microsoft Data & AI Solutions Partner and a data & analytics consultancy, established in 2003.

    Smartbridge provides the strategy, implementation, and support to bring your digital agenda to reality. With digital innovation and analytics, you will establish a sharper understanding of your customer’s needs. Automation and modernization will propel you to your goals of operating as a mature digital ecosystem.

    The Smartbridge culture is founded on an understanding of customer challenges, coupled with an empathetic approach. It is endorsed with a track record of providing exceptional experiences driven by our thought leadership.

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