D365 Marketing Onboarding: 2 day Workshop

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech s.r.o.

Initial onboarding training workshop for Dynamics 365 Marketing users designed to accelerate adoption.

Initial onboarding training package for Dynamics 365 Marketing application. It is designed to help customers to adopt Email Marketing, Segment creation, and Customer Journey features in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Training agenda Package covers basic user skills across the application functionalities. Upon completion of the workshop, the users will be able to execute the following operations: Day1 • Content Creation – email templates • Segmentation – three basic scenarios of segment creation • Customer Journey – how to create automatization for repetitive mailing (e.g., Black Friday) or unique customer experience Day 2 • Sending emails (various options), A/B testing – distribution of the content prepared in the first part to the segmentation process • Mailing evaluations and statistics – analyse and improve your performance The training consists of two online workshops, lasting three hours each. Training will be divided into two days. We will present the features and user scenarios in our demo environment with demo data.

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