Project Operations Envisioning Workshop: 4 weeks

XRM Vision

Our experts at XRM Vision to imagine and define the future state of your business through a Design Led Thinking Envisioning Workshop.

This process is about solution envisioning whereby your organizations business decision-makers (BDMs), stakeholders and affected personnel work together with our experts. The design thinking approach of the workshop brings varying perspectives together to focus on disruption and thinking “out of the box.” This method contrasts with traditional workshop that are often centered around specific scenarios or solutions because Envisioning Workshops leverage a consultative “pains–needs–desire” method and focus on efficiency improvements for existing processes.

In this workshop, we will work specifically on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations can help your business.

The outcome is the completed Envisioning Workshop output template, which serves as the foundation for the remaining phases.


  • Week 1 and 2: Interviews with BDMs, Stakeholders and personnel
  • Week 3: 2-3 in person or virtual design thinking workshops to help zoom in on solutions
  • Week 4: Delivery of written report and alignment on future actions

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