ABILITY.Connect for ELO


ABILITY.Connect for ELO is a connector to integrate the ELO Integration Client as a factbox in BC

Seamless Integration

ABILITY.Connect for ELO, once integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central, automatically assigns documents to transactions in your ERP and stores them systematically in your ELO DMS.
Usually, documents are created, filed and archived in different, unrelated systems. ABILITY.Connect for ELO however, creates a seamless connection between these systems. Fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it allows you to drag & drop a document into the ELO Integration Client within Business Central and the archiving + correlation to your ERP records takes place automatically.

Ready for the future

Flexibility is the keyword. ABILITY.Connect for ELO creates a seamless integration between your Business Central environment and your ELO DMS.
Whether your Systems are On-Premises or SaaS or you are in a transition phase: ABILITY.Connect for ELO is flexible, works with either and is ready for your future.

Meaningful Work

Excellent professionals and workers are in short supply. This makes it more important to offer fulfilling tasks and jobs, as well as to use time and skills for value-creating tasks. Manual transfer, filing of documents and records is not one of them.
That is what digitalisation and automation are for.
ABILITY.Connect for ELO will help you reaching that goal.

Make your system landscape running more efficient

There are many useful tools out there. The challenge is to combine them into a value-creating system landscape.
ABILITY.Connect for ELO connects your document creation flows in Business Central with the digital document management system ELO. This automates a standard process of creation and archiving, so it will provide you with an end-to-end process with uniform data management.

Supported Editions
We support Business Central Essentials and Premium.

Supported Countries
This app supports all countries where Business Central is available.

Supported Languages
Englisch, German (Germany), German (Austria)

More Information can be found on: ABILITY.Connect for ELO | ABILITY GmbH

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