ABILITY.Document Interface


Document Interface provides document ledger entries for external Document Management Systems (DMS)

Archiving documents without media discontinuity

Do you generate numerous documents in your Microsoft ERP Business Central every day? Quotes, invoices, order confirmations? But filing and archiving a PDF in your document management system still requires manual and additional intermediate steps by saving the file to your folder structure?

Put an end to this and archive the documents from Business Central directly to your document management system.

Automated filing and archiving

With ABILITY.Document Interface, filing and archiving from Business Central works automatically. Documents are stored as PDF in a ledger entry table and can be fetched and processed by a DMS-System. Manual steps are redundant, and your archiving process can be automated.
The filing follows a defined structure based on the indexdata of the document (e.g. invoice number, customer name, document date). This saves time in your daily routines, reduces errors, and ensures a uniform structure in the DMS.

DMS Independence

ABILIY.Document Interface is DMS-independent. The interface is integrated into Business Central. And it is configured in such a way that it can be connected by any document management system and thus optimally integrated into your system landscape.

We use it, we love it – go for it!

Supported Editions
We support Business Central Essentials and Premium.

Supported Countries
This app supports all countries where Business Central is available.

Supported Languages
English, German, German (Austria)

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