Government Uniform Invoice (GUI) for Taiwan

Автор: Knowledge & Strategy Information Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Government Uniform Invoice functionality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Service Overview:

Integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply chain / Sales process with Taiwan Government Uniform Invoice.

Provide productive user experience to help user registering and managing GUI data and tracking the related information more efficiently.

Main functions:

  • GUI Module Set up
  • Vendor Master Data Tax Information Setup
  • Purchase Process Integration
  • Excel import Purchase / Sales VAT
  • Customer Master Data Tax Information Setup
  • Sales Process Integration
  • Computer Uniform Invoice / e-GUI certification
  • Generating Media File
  • Zero Tax List
  • e-GUI CSV File Export for manually upload to e-GUI platform

Supported Editions:

  • This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

  • Taiwan, Singapore, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, United States

Supported Languages:

  • The app is available in English (United States) and Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)


Dynamics 365 Business Central 進銷存模組與台灣統一發票模組功能整合.

提供使用者在進銷存流程中即可登錄 / 開立統一發票, 以便日後於相關聯單據做查核,並可產出媒體申報檔。


  • 統一發票模組設定
  • 供應商主檔設定
  • 進項發票登錄整合
  • Excel進銷項匯入
  • 客戶主檔設定
  • 銷項發票開立整合
  • 電子計算機發票 / 電子發票證明聯
  • 產出媒體申報檔
  • 零稅率清單
  • 電子發票自行交付檔案匯出


  • 此 app 支援 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 的 Essential 與 Premium 版本。


  • 台灣, 新加坡, 荷蘭 , 英國 , 澳洲 , 德國 , 美國


  • 此產品支援英文與繁體中文

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