Consignment Administration

Автор: Korpershoek FreshFood Solutions B.V.

Consignment Management tooling for namely Fresh Produce market

FreshFood Consignment Management.

This app contains functionality which is needed to support processes for companies in food and fresh produce who have Consignment Administration. Our application is specifically designed to address the needs of food and fresh produce companies, and is backed by the stability and cutting-edge technology available through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Key Features

  • Automatic assigning Consignment Number(s) in source documents
  • Registration of Account Sale Method per vendor / grower
  • Registration of revenue and costs
  • Calculation of revenue and costs back to original consignment
  • Account Sale on grower and sorted product
  • Sorting overview and reporting consignment data related
  • Sales Reporting on commission consignments
  • Account Sales on commission consignments
  • Etcetera

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