Lumos 365 Joint Venture

Автор: Lumos 365 Ltd.

Produce a J.V. Billing Statement based on configurable partner Working Interest for your JOA.

The Lumos 365 Finance and Supply Chain application provides a highly optimised Chart of Accounts, Dimensions, Item Catalogue, Purchase Requests, RFQ’, PO’s, Invoices, Inventory Management for the Energy Sector.

This application will further enhance the Lumos 365 Finance and Supply Chain application with fully configurable J.V. and Cost Recovery support.

This includes:

  • All transactions associated to an AFE
  • Simple to Use Cutback Process and Billing Statement production
  • View Gross / Net books
  • View Customised Bill Codes
  • View Source Amount
  • View Cutback Amount
  • Support your Joint Operating Agreement and multiple partners
  • Configurable Working Interest for J.V. Partners

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