Container Shipment

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With Container Shipments, you get detailed insights in your container shipments.

Centralize purchase order lines in containers and attach one or more containers to container shipments.
A detailed purchase order lines page will give you a detailed overview of all attached purchase order lines
and when they will/should be received.

And, to make it even better, if sales order lines are connected due to a reservation or purchasing code
to the attached purchase order line, you instantly see if the sales order line can be shipped on time
to your customer. With reservations, it's even possible to change the delivery dates on all reserved
sales orders, when changing the receipt date on the container shipment.

To cut transport costs, create base carriers and enter all measurements for the carrier. By selecting the
purchase order lines to attach, you are able to calculate a detailed loading plan to efficiently
load the carrier as full as possible.


  • Centralize purchase order lines on Containers, and containers on Container Shipments
  • Get detailed insights on receipt dates for all attached purchase order lines
  • See which sales orders will be late for shipping directly on the Container Shipment
  • Receive all attached purchase order lines at once
  • Store detailed container (shipping)information on the Container Shipment
  • Create base carriers to create loading plans
  • Create loading plans to reduce transport costs

Where can I find more information:
Amount per month. More information on the website: Container Shipment |
Supported Countries:
All Countries are supported! (Worldwide Country Support)

Supported editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Languages:

Dutch (Netherlands) and English (United States)

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