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With Contract Management you centralize and manage your customer contracts efficiently

With Contract Management you centralize storing and managing your customer contracts efficiently
With Contract Management you manage your customer contracts efficiently, by registering starting, ending and renewal dates. The app can convert Sales Quotes into contracts. once the sales quote is completed. From the contract, you can invoice per period as agreed with the customer. On the contract you have an insight when the last invoice has been sent and when the following invoiced will be invoiced.

  • Bulk invoicing of contracts;
  • Centralized storage of your customer contracts;
  • Get an overview of all customer contracts with search features;
  • Get detailed insights ABOUT customer contracts;
  • One customer can have multiple contracts with specific contract dates;
  • Every contract can have its own specific payment terms;
  • Add (one off) extra lines to the contract;
  • Automated workflow for invoicing;
  • Deferral of contract turnover.
Where can I find more information on the Contract Management app support

Amount per month per company. More information on the website: Contract Management |

Supported editions
This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported Countries:
All Countries are supported!

Supported Languages:

Dutch (Netherlands) and English (United States)

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