Cavallo Custom Fields

Автор: Cavallo

Quickly and easily create unique data fields to enhance your critical processes.

Need to create tailored fields within Business Central to support order management? Cavallo Custom Fields is the fastest, easiest way to manage and leverage your valuable data.

Cavallo Custom Fields is a powerful tool for efficiently creating and managing new data fields that are not available out of the box with Microsoft D365 Business Central. This integrated solution significantly reduces time, effort, and cost - new data fields can be published in just minutes and stored in Business Central.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve order detail and accuracy

  • Accelerate order processing

  • Make better, more informed decisions

  • Apply greater context to products, customers, and orders

  • Make Business Central the “single source of truth”

Key Features:

  • Create custom data fields for products, line items, documents, and customers

  • Choose from multiple data types - list, number, percent, currency, checkbox, true or false, or date

  • Get full visibility of all custom-created fields within Business Central

  • Integrate existing fields from Business Central into Cavallo

  • Add an almost unlimited quantity of fields per object

  • Enroll new fields or integrate existing fields into workflows

Powerful Combination with Cavallo Products:

  • Provide detailed product attributes that can flow to line items on orders

  • Enable order or line-level data capture or specification during order entry

  • Route orders based on line-level details

Custom Fields is part of our suite of robust, flexible solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which includes next-level functionality like order entry, visibility, workflow, customer management, and credit card processing to transform your distribution business.

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