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Execute your printing task more efficiently and save up to 90% printing costs.


Are you searching for a cost-effective and reliable printing option? BE-terna Printconnect is created to enable you to execute printing tasks at the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) front end conveniently. Compared with the standard printer connection in BC, our solution can help our clients to save up to 90% printing costs.

  • Convenient management of printing options: Choose between options such as sort, colour, duplex, number of copies, paper size, etc. with ease.
  • Easy printer management: Get an overview of all your available printers. You can also flexibly add or remove different printers.
  • Automated printing process: Assign specific print jobs to the preferred printer.
  • Continuous costs optimisation: Keep track of the costs of the print jobs you run.
  • Efficient problem shooting: Solve printing problems with the help of detailed reports on each executed print job.
  • Customised paper size: Beside the standard paper size, possible desired paper sizes can also be defined for special printing tasks.

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