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Integrated Credit Card and eCheck Processing, Receivables Automation, Self-Service Payment Portal

If you are looking to simplify your payment needs, look no further than PayFabric®. You can process credit cards and eChecks / ACH directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to reduce human errors and simplify the overall payment acceptance process. 

Receivables Automation 

PayFabric can assist with receivables automation by reducing or even eliminating manual tasks. You can enhance your customers’ bill paying experience by giving them control to view and pay their invoices on an online payment portal.


  • Credit Card and eCheck Processing – Authorize, capture, and reverse transactions directly from Business Central Sales Orders, Sales Invoices and Cash Receipt Journals.
  • Automated Invoice Notifications – Have invoice notifications automatically emailed to customers upon posting within Business Central.
  • Payment Portal – Give customers the ability to view and pay their invoices online 24/7 on a custom branded self-service portal.
  • Payment Application – Have the approved payments automatically applied to the corresponding invoices.
  • Confirmation Receipts – Send automatic confirmation receipts to customers on customizable email templates. 
  • Automatic Recurring Payments - Allow customers to sign up for recurring payments or schedule payments on their behalf.
  • Level 2/3 Transactions – Save money on credit card processing rates by sending additional transaction details from Business Central documents.
  • Multiple Gateway and Processor Support – Process transactions from multiple payment processing providers. 
  • API Integration - Connect with our APIs to integrate payments from any application into Business Central.

Secure Sensitive Payment Information

PayFabric is a PCI-DSS validated, cloud-based payment solution that helps to simplify PCI compliance, reduce risk, and minimize liability in the event of a data breach by removing sensitive data from the merchant's environment and applications. PayFabric can easily be integrated to any application allowing for sharing of customer payment information across the merchant’s applications.

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Supported Editions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium

Supported Languages & Countries

English (Canada, United Kingdom and United States)

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