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Enabling contactless fulfillment for retailers via Twilio-enabled SMS communication.


Retailers are adopting a blend of digital and physical interactions around the shopping experiences they offer. This accelerated change post COVID-19, has the power to alter the buying behavior of consumers – a change that propagate. Now with social distancing SOPs in effect as the new norm, retailers are improving their contactless delivery and curbside pickup services.

It is crucial for this experience to be enhanced for customers who want a prompt and precise communication of their order’s status along with speedy and accurate delivery, all in the while exercising the necessary safety precautions. Retailers need to efficiently manage all the load that has shifted from physical to contactless delivery while ensuring smooth fulfillment and same level of convenience to the customers. This can be achieved with near real-time, seamless and two-way communication between customers and retailers.


A communication-centric pickup solution for Microsoft D365 customers to provide seamless, precise and near real-time two-way SMS communication between customers and retailers right from order placement to curbside pickup. Integration with Twilio®,  enables easy order processing and SMS communication between store workers and customers in their vehicles.

Features and Benefits

  • Near real-time order status notifications to customers from order placement to convenient curbside pickup via SMS
  • Transactional SMS capability to send account-related notifications or customer care messaging, such as satisfaction surveys
  • Order processing driven by SMS communication between customers and associates, enabled via Twilio®
  • Configurable SMS templates to facilitate your contactless delivery process
  • Multi-store pickup of a single order for quick and convenient order fulfillment

Note: Retailers would need to acquire Twilio® SMS services including either Long Codes or Toll-Free numbers. Each phone number will be tied to a single retail store.

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