AXP365 Pharma Supply Chain Management™

Автор: AX for Pharma

Resilient, agile, transparent Pharma Supply Chain Management

Pharma Supply Chain Management

What You Get With AXP365 Pharma Supply Chain Management

· Full control over all your supply chains with the transparent ability to track every unit in all locations

· Ensure product quality while maintaining safety and accuracy

· Full compliance with highly regulated life sciences GAMP standards

· Preconfigured out-of-the-box solution seamlessly integrated in Dynamics 365

· Full integration with AXP365 AQM™, AXP365 AWM™, and AXP365 W&D™

· Capability to isolate and block a specific sub batch/container

· Approved vendor lists, manufacturer lists, and customer lists

· Configurable approval workflows, item numbers, and batch numbers

· Advanced reporting tool and Power BI

· Handling instructions

· Storage conditions and attributes

· Enterprise labeling solution

· End-to-end sub batch management

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