Project Forecasting on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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Project Forecasting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Boost Your Business Efficiency with Advanced Project Forecasting in Dynamics 365 F&O

Project Forecasting in Dynamics 365 is the module offering all the features you need to gain an operational perspective of your organisation. Whether it's revenues, costs, or specific transactions, you can carry out a procedure with only a few steps. The process of project forecasting aids in making future project predictions. Making assumptions regarding project performance entails assessing historical data and existing resources. In other words, project forecasting provides a solution to the questions of what is required to complete a project successfully and how to lower risk.


  • Create Forecast as per Forecast Model and Financial Year

  • Copy the Forecast from one Forecast Model to Another Forecast Model

  • Lock Periods (Months)

  • Project Forecasting for Each Project and for Multiple Projects

  • Post Data and Undo Post Data to/from All Project Forecast

  • Detailed, Summarised, and Percentile View of Forecasted Data

  • Forecasting for Multiple Periods

  • Allocate Budget

  • Long-Term Forecasting

  • Carry Forward, Annual Total, LTD (Life to Date), Future Total, Budget Total

  • Data Import and Export in Excel

  • Actual Vs. Forecast

  • Variance in Percentage

  • Security Roles for Creating/Viewing Forecast


  • Cash flow forecasting is essential for recognizing trends and flagging issues, allowing you to adjust actions accordingly. Monthly updates ensure current, relevant data for timely funding.

  • Managing people is challenging, but anticipating needs allows you to spot issues early. Addressing potential resource gaps prevents disruptions in project delivery.

  • Trend analysis of past project data helps establish future performance expectations. To use trend data effectively, it's essential to know your prediction goals.

  • Modelling various scenarios helps small businesses understand how conditions affect cash flow. Scenario planning gives business owners confidence in implementing plans.

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