Dynamics Wholesale Distribution

HSO Innovation

Dynamics 365 F&O add-on to support Wholesale Distribution companies

Create efficiency in your operations and grow your partner network for today’s omnichannel world. 
• Automate the ordinary, act on the exceptional
• 100% tailored to wholesale distribution.
• Flexible and scalable solution backed by the digital Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management platform and fueled by insights of our wholesale distribution industry customers.

What’s included in our base offering: 
Fast and Automated Order processing
For quick order creation the desk employee can enter sales order lines by scanning barcodes of the products. 
Typical B2B options are available to set a cash payment requirement for specific customers, meaning that items cannot be handed over before the order has been fully paid. Efficient control of order processing is possible for example in cases where goods should not be shipped. 

Flexible order fulfillment
Flexible order fulfillment allows you to dropship, partially fulfill or leave orders for review as is required to meet the varying needs of your customers. This will avoid unnecessary transport costs caused by excess number of partial shipments and backorder shipments. Orders completed can be fulfilled automatically taking the backorder strategy into account. 

Product Assortments & Specials
Most wholesale distributors attempted to find the ideal catalog assortment with the largest possible number of top sellers. In the past, many companies had to severely restrict their assortments because of limited warehouse space and limited possibilities to maintain the product information for a large assortment. Dynamics Wholesale Distribution makes it possible to manage non-assortment products. These so-called Specials, aka. Purchase-to-Order items can easily be created based on a template item and enforce the entry of additional product information as defined per category. 

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