Smart Reservation with real-time allocation

Автор: FSB Development

Smart Reservation offers optimal allocation of sales orders using real-time calculated ATP profiles

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The Smart Reservation module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management consists of the following features:

Real-time available-to-promise with optimal sales order allocation

Real-time calculation of ATP profiles with optimal allocation of all open sales orders. Any change, e.g. a postponed delivery date for a purchase order, will immediately (in real-time) cause a re-allocation of sales orders thus generating a new optimal allocation picture. All together this ensures optimal fulfillment of as many sales orders as possible and the lowest possible inventory levels at any point in time.

Visual overview of the allocation for complete sales orders

The optimal ATP calculation is performed real-time for all open sales orders and the result is visualized using ”traffic light colors” directly in the sales order screen. In milliseconds you can, through the color recognition of the human eye, get an overview of the delivery capability for complete sales orders: Red is bad, while Yellow and Green are good.

Traffic light allocation center

A red sales order line always means a disappointed customer who cannot get goods on time, so any red order line must be dealt with to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The well-featured traffic light allocation center provides an overview of delivery options and provides tools to adjust delivery dates, reprioritize or manipulate so that no red order line / customer is left without attention.

Time-fence controlled reservation

Physical reservations are only used to signal that the picking process can be initiated as the actual allocation is performed when the sales order lines are entered and following upon any change among the expected receipts or on-hand levels. The physical reservations are established by a background process using a time-fence controlled approach so that physical reservations first kick in very close to when the picking process needs to start.

Smart Reservation is developed in collaboration with Abena, Svendsen Sport, Trespass, Dr. Martens and Rosendahl Design Group. Per Munk Nielsen (Logistics Director at Rosendahl) says, "I have, as responsible for the logistics department for years, spent a lot of time re-arranging reservations to ensure that my customers receive their goods on time, these days are over after we got Smart Reservation. The solution has released a lot of resources in logistics and customer service departments.”

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