Smart Reconciliation of inventory and ledger

Автор: FSB Development

Reconciliation of inventory and general ledger from forms.

Inventory / General ledger reconciliation can now be performed at any time for any period or date, entirely and solely through the use of forms designed exactly for that purpose, eliminating the need for printed reports and significantly reducing the time used on reconciliation.

Smart reconciliation features the complete set of tools necessary to automate and simplify the task of Inventory / General ledger reconciliation.
Rules for how to reconcile the Inventory against the General ledger can be set up to match the structure in General ledger so that posted amounts are directly comparable and automatically reconciled per day, per month or per year.

Any difference between Inventory and General ledger is outlined and the level of detail can be fully controlled in setup.
This means that differences can be tracked down to any combination of financial / inventory dimensions, accounts and posting types with a clear indication of the concrete vouchers causing the differences - making reconciliation a "walk over".

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