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Get real time competitor social insights, track your entire landscape in a click

Use this quick and handy tool to gain unique AI-driven insights on your competitor social activity, Including top posts and target audiences.
Our capabilities help you spot threats and opportunities in real time within your competitive landscape – and it has proven to do so across a variety of industries. Adjusting your marketing strategies in real time (on the fly), helps you garner actionable insights as an agile marketer.
In this MS Dynamics version, available for Facebook, we’re offering a quick glance into our broad AI capabilities. what can you do with this app?


  • Get an overview of the audiences your competing against and their Facebook activity
  • See new creatives as they surface
  • Compare yourself to the competition in one place

Understand with our insights:

  • see which audiences are viewing your competitor ads: are they targeting millennials or baby boomers?
  • understand their marketing goals, peak advertising hours and more
  • see who hasn't been active for a while

Get inspired:

  • See most viral and most viewed posts throughout your competitive landscape
  • See which ads are running for a while and detect winning horses
  • Find out what is the newest ad out there in one place, even if it's a dark ad, that's not visible to the general population.

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