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Crowe Timesheets

Crowe LLP

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Crowe Timesheets is an easy-to-use time tracking solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Crowe Timesheets is a Dynamics 365 add-on that simplifies the administrative effort of tracking time

Crowe Timesheets provides your workforce with a time tracking tool that will help reduce the length of time it takes employees to enter their time, ensuring more accurate and timely timesheet submissions

What to Expect from Crowe Timesheets:

  • Single-click time entry available in an intuitive timesheet within Dynamics 365
  • Accurately capture billable time, promoting consistency, reduced errors and more timely billing
  • Minimize double entry and lost time caused by inefficient time-tracking processes
  • Easily configure timesheets to track time the way that’s most effective for your business
  • Manage time and attendance across the organization
  • Define time entry categories so you can easily view where you organization's time and efforts are going
  • Streamline time-tracking through Dynamics 365 dashboards or mobile device