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Smart Activity Tracker to review and improve user adoption in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Track, monitor and manage the most common actions performed by users in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with User Adoption Monitor. Managers and administrators can effectively review usage and administer the right measures to improve adoption.

User Adoption Monitor is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.X & above, Dataverse (Power Apps). It supports the following deployment models - On-Premises and Online.

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  • Track Actions: Track actions of CRM users including - Create, Read, Delete, Update and Record Open.
  • Track login & Notify Workflow Failure: Get user login details in easy to understand reports and charts. In case the workflow set to track user login fails, then a notification is sent informing the user about the workflow failure.
  • CRM Adoption Tracking: Monitor Microsoft Dynamics 365 usage of the team members by tracking various web activities performed by them in the CRM manually.
  • Configurable: The monitoring can be configured to the choice of entities and actions, which are preferred or are important to the business processes.
  • Easy for Analysis: Track and store activity stats within Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a format that is easy to report, with OOB Charts or SSRS Reports.
  • Tracking Summaries: Track Daily, Weekly or Monthly summaries of usage
  • Leaderboard and Performance Dashboards: Easily view the activity breakup and individual user performance across Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM through Dashboard visualizations to list out key metrics.
  • Data Completeness: Monitor and ensure the overall completeness of the entity record.
  • Aggregate Tracking: Calculate and track aggregated values of field values representing CRM user actions for the selected entity.
  • Target Tracking: Assign and track targets assigned to users for specific entity actions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

How User adoption Monitor can make the most out of your CRM investment?

  • Provides insights on user adoption of the defined processes
  • Helps fine tune the process through training to improve adoption for increased ROI on CRM investments
  • Enhanced user engagement and Increased efficiency

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