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Schedule, manage & send priority-based alert/notification to target audience in Dynamics 365

Add, Schedule, and Manage Alerts for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users to notify them with relevant updates right within their CRM. Information can be added to an individual record or a particular set of records at once to be sent as notifications to your defined Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users. These notifications can be created and displayed indefinitely or for a defined scheduled period. The notification button is available on all entities and can be accessed from anywhere in the CRM.

Alerts4Dynamics supports both OOB and Custom entities. It is available at annual subscription for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.x and above, Dataverse (Power Apps). It supports the following deployment models - On-Premises and Online.

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  • Entity Support: Create and manage alerts for both OOB as well as Custom Entities.
  • Types of Alerts: Create Announcement, Rule-Based, Record-Based, and Event-Based alerts.
  • Alert Users: Alerts can be shown as Pop-ups or Form Notifications to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users and also can be sent as Email to Dynamics 365 CRM users or to customers (external audiences).
  • Alert levels: Alerts can be categorized as Information, Warning, or Critical.
  • Log of Alerts: View log of ‘Read/Dismissed’ alerts by users.
  • Notification Visibility Period: Define process start date from when the notifications will start getting created and process end date when the creation of new notifications will stop. Also, you can define how long the Notification would be visible.
  • Define Audience: Alerts can be configured to be shown to a particular set of audiences as well as dynamic audiences.
  • Globally Accessible: View alerts from anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Multiple Notifications: Create multiple notifications for a single alert.
  • Multiple Language Support: Alert messages can be created in multiple languages.
  • User Preference: User is given the choice to select the mode to receive alerts i.e. through Pop-ups or Email Notifications.
  • Dismissible/Non-Dismissible Alerts: Provision to configure the alerts as dismissible or non-dismissible.
  • Auto-dismissible Alerts: Provision to configure the alerts as auto-dismissible/non-auto dismissible.

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