MazikCare Covid-19 Vaccine Flow

Автор: Mazik Global Inc.

A solution that unifies the process of vaccine distribution for providers, patients and suppliers.

Covid-19 has changed lives and the way providers, patients and suppliers interact. The need for a turnkey process to accelerate the mass distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine was the driving force of this solution. With this in mind, Mazik Global expanded the Mazik Care COVID-19 solution set and created Vaccine Flow. Built on an integrated platform with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, it will accelerate the global distribution of vaccines for a healthier tomorrow.


Vaccine Flow is highly configurable and offers a quick deployment with pre-built integration into EMR solutions. Key features of Vaccine Flow include:

 - Provider Enrollment that drives patient outreach based on targeted populations

 - Vaccine Appointment & Administration to empower patients to take control of their health with self-service appointment scheduling to fit their time

 - Vaccine Outcome Monitoring promotes patient peace of mind to monitor and proactively seek help in case of adverse reactions

 - Vaccine Inventory Management with vial tracking, temperature monitoring and improved just-in-time delivery

 - Public Health Command Center includes a unified dashboard to share real-time data on the health status of communities


Vaccine Flow provides a proven vaccine management solution for Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, Acute Care Facilities, State and Local Government Offices, Educational Systems, Universities, and Corporations.

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