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Patient journey solution helps you manage your patients progress and deliver premium support.

PatientJourney360 is a complete patient lifecycle management solution to handle everything from the first enrollment call to patient therapy adherence. Having an integrated Call Center solution with Unified Service Desk provides a solution which can help case managers with all the information and help at their fingertips.

Built for the life sciences industry, PatientJourney360 is a complete solution to manage patient lifecycle on custom therapy – treatments that demand high engagement, customization, and complex logistics – where patient adherence is of utmost importance.
  • Pre-defined Case Types and workflow
  • Welcome call, benefit investigation, prior authorization and more
  • Integrated with Unified Service Desk to handle inbound / outbound calls
  • Manage consents and dates
  • Build marketing lists with one click export
  • Built on Microsoft foundations, and natively integrated with Office 365
  • Expand to order management
  • Manage each patient with personalized care

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